i have close friends who identify with they/them pronouns. as i learn the language of law for mankind, i find discordance in what i have learned about “being an ally for gender queer folks” and speaking what is true.

what is true is that these men and women are men and women, but for whatever reason, (hormonal impact of pesticides, vaccines, and other poisons, pain around the masculine / feminine creating facades, cultural fads of social justice movements), they are living in a fiction. i intend to continuing loving these of mankind and do not wish to create disharmony or harm them, and so i am wondering how to hold all if this inside myself?


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  1. This does not seem appropriate in L4M. It’s impossible to accommodate every idiosyncrasy in the world today. Sorry…. This would be a huge waste of time in this class and in my court.
    Greg talks about pleasing other peoples’ fears…. a discussion about fear is always helpful though, so maybe it’s not too off topic? Might have interesting to see how Jonathan and Greg deal with this very modern trend.